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The Heberts

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Tony and Jeanelle Hebert, seen in the image below, are both Police Officers for the state of Oklahoma. Tony is also a professional photographer, 319 Photography. Some of his photos will be for sale in FrankZ this season, be sure to check them out! Here is the story of how two Oklahoma State Police Officers, discovered FrankZ and became part of our FrankZ Family.

Tony and Jeanelle Hebert with FrankZ Owner.
The Hebert's Story of Discovering FrankZ

More than Just Great Food

If you have ever been to FrankZ you know the food is delicious, affordable, classic Americana style cuisine. FrankZ has everything from gourmet hot dogs to the fan favorite gyro egg rolls, but everyone has their own favorite.

Jeanelle loves the Frankzski with a natural casing hot dog and Tony's favorite is the FrankZ Gyro and Greek salad, never get in an eating contest with Tony... he will win. The man can put away an impressive amount of food.

Since the couple started coming to FrankZ in 2016 they have their favorites "But EVERYTHING on the menu is amazing" the Heberts said.

We asked Tony and Jeanelle what keeps them coming back to FrankZ year after year and their answer was simple, the hospitality! Coming from a southern couple this is quite the compliment.

"Sure the food is stellar and it will make you want to eat here everyday, but Joey (the Owner of FrankZ) and everyone working there is the real draw" the Heberts said.

The Heberts went onto say, "Their level of hospitality, customer service, and genuine care for their customers certainly makes someone feel like you are part of a family. This is a rare quality to find in any establishment in today's age. FrankZ is THE place to hang out with awesome people and enjoy amazing food. ".

FrankZ hospitality is inspired by Frankfort's community.

"The people in the area (Frankfort) are all really nice and will accept you with open arms. Being from the south, we've certainly become accustomed to southern hospitality. But, southern hospitality does not hold a candle to Northern Michigan hospitality!" Said the Heberts.

On the Heberts second annual trip to Frankfort about a year after they had ate at FrankZ for the first time, they wanted to stop at FrankZ right as they got into town. When they walked into the restaurant and approached the counter Joey, the Owner of FrankZ, looked up, made eye contact and greeted the Heberts by name.

Tony and Jeanelle were shocked! "The crazy thing is, HE REMEMBERED US! That is a feat, let me tell you. A whole year passed since we set foot inside FrankZ and I am sure thousands of people passed through FrankZ doors during the busy spring through early fall season, but Joey remembered us. That was a really cool experience and solidified our love for FrankZ." the Heberts said.

Tony and Jeanelle continue to make their yearly treks North and love spending time in Frankfort and we at FrankZ are honored to be part of their love for Northern Michigan.

"Much like the show "Cheers" FrankZ is a place, "Where everybody knows your name."" said the Heberts.

Discovering FrankZ

Tony and Jeanelle were headed up to their cottage in Frankfort and arrived early in the morning. After settling in and getting some rest they headed into downtown Frankfort to find a great spot for lunch.

Walking the main drag of Frankfort for while they noticed a folding chalk sign with something funny on it and decided to check the place out. As they got closer they noticed the restaurant was called FrankZ, they peaked in the windows and saw lots of families and people eating and laughing inside.

They had found their spot for lunch "We were not disappointed in our decision" the Hebert's said and they have been back every year since.

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