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The Churches

Steve and Becky Church spend as much time as they can in Benzie County during the warmer months, specifically Frankfort. The couple considers Frankfort, MI their second home.

No one can deny that there is something special about Frankfort. Whether it is the local restaurants, the breath-taking views of Lake Michigan, or the quaint atmosphere Frankfort is truly a one of a kind town.

Steve and Becky believe it is vital to support these local shops and restaurants to ensure Frankfort’s community stays healthy and continues to grow. Over the years they have become fond of one restaurant in particular.

“One restaurant in particular has become our #1 favorite,” The Church’s said.

“As we are sure anyone who has dined at FrankZ would agree. The owner and staff create an amazing down-home atmosphere.”

Steve and Becky point out that FrankZ has a unique feel that is different from the other restaurants in Frankfort. They love the atmosphere; the environment is fun and family friendly.

“Joey, the owner, treats everyone, staff and customers just like family,” Steve and Becky went on to say,

“Over the years, Joey has created some “one of a kind” flavorful recipes that are found only at FrankZ. The down-home family atmosphere and amazing food will surely delight and even surprise your palate. We’re quite certain you will enjoy your time and food at FrankZ.”

When you visit FrankZ this summer, keep and eye out for Steve and Becky!

“Look for us at the counter sitting in our normal spots this summer and come say hi. We love meeting new FrankZ Family members!”

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