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The Sanders' Group

Austin Sanders, Rachael Serna, Jason Guerriero and Raelin Kuipers (the Sanders’ group) have been going to FrankZ since it first opened its doors in 2015.

The Sanders’ group was visiting Austin’s family cottage in the Frankfort area and took the first drive of the season into Frankfort looking for a bite to eat. How the Sanders’ group discovered FrankZ is a funny story they enjoy telling every year they come back.

While driving through the downtown strip of Frankfort Jason said “Let’s try out that new place Frank ‘z’s.”

The Sanders’ group looked over at the sign and broke out laughing when they realized it was called FrankZ, no emphasis on the Z.

“The rest is history; we now visit FrankZ every time we’re in the area, sometimes multiple times in a trip.” Said the Sanders’ group.

The group’s inside joke about discovering “Frank’z’s” isn’t the only reason they come back.

“We go back every time because we really enjoy visiting with Joey and his staff and you can’t beat the food!” The Sanders’ group said.

The group as a whole enjoys the Panther Dog, but each has their own favorite. Austin loves the Gyro Egg Rolls, Rachael’s favorite is our award-winning Betsie Fries, Jason and Raelin never stop in without getting the onion petals and I think they will be excited to find out we have upgraded our onion petals to onion rings for the 2020 season!

The Sanders’ group went on to say, “The food is without a doubt the best in the area.”

“The second time we visited; Joey greeted us by name. We were shocked he remembered us considering the amount of people FrankZ draws every year. The hospitality is second to none.”

Having good food is one thing, but making people feel welcomed, comfortable and happy is what makes FrankZ family restaurant in Frankfort Michigan special.

“Joey and his staff have always gone above and beyond to make our experience memorable. We truly feel like family when we step into FrankZ.” The Sanders’ group said.

The Sanders’ group are the kind of customers a restaurant dreams of having. We asked the group what is one of their favorite memories they have from the five years of frequenting FrankZ in Frankfort Michigan.

“We talk FrankZ up to our friends all off season,” The Sanders’ group went on to say “our favorite memories are bringing friends into meet Joey/staff and getting to share our favorite spot with them. They always leave wanting more!”

FrankZ’ looks forward to seeing the Sanders’ group year after year. It would be hard to find people that truly enjoy life and their time together more than that group. We are happy to have the Sanders’ group as part of our FrankZ Family.

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